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Picosecond Laser Pen

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Not all tattoos are a piece of art, some are just a mistake? We know that that's why we've invented this Removal Laser Pen device that directly breaks up dark pigment with powerful and rapid energy to achieve to goal of improving skin, without harming or damaging the skin tissues!

Do you have moles, tattoos, or skin blemishes that you hate?

We all have been through hard times handling the situation with our problems but luckily we find a solution!

Introducing the first home laser removal pen treatment for acne, tattoos, moles and blemishes. Using innovative picosecond technology this device fires rapid and powerful laser emissions to break up dark pigments without damaging any skin tissues.

Our Laser Pen can effectively resolve melanin into fine particles, so as to promote skin metabolism. Comprehensive reduce freckles and dark spots refine skin from within way gives off a healthy glow.

The Most Unique In-Home Solution For Your Skin

Unlike traditional laser removal technology, our Laser Pen won't burn you while allowing you to slowly fade your blemishes as part of your normal home routines.

With its unique new technologies that minimize downtime at the same time as widening the scope and broadening the parameters of indications and skin types that can be safely treated. Our lasers are now one of the most versatile tool.

This device emit super-fast pulse widths of less than one nanosecond and as such, they have been described as the next generation in ultra-short pulse laser technology.z

Covenient and Easy To Use Treatment

Avoid long visits to the doctor and painful procedures with a long healing time. This device is safe enough and effective in the privacy of your own home.

Our laser does not interact with human tissues. You can have peace of mind that FDA Approved Picosecond Technology will keep your skin safe and your body blemish-free.

With its sleek, compact and durable design you can take it anywhere and pass it on to friends. Picosecond technology uses powerful impulses of light at a wavelength designed to attack ONLY specific pigments - leaving your skin pain-free during the treatment. Rest assured that your skin won't be burned or damaged!

The Difference Between RED and BLUE Laser Pen

The power and effect of the blue light picosecond pen are stronger and it requires a more professional operation. It is recommended to wear goggles which are included in the complect. You have to press the switch button when using the blue pen, while you don't have to for the red laser pen.

If you have a black-colored tattoo, it's best to use the red picosecond laser pen but if it is a more colorful tattoo, we do recommend to use the blue picosecond laser pen.

You just need only fewer treatment times to achieve the results that you've always wanted. Suitable for use in the home, beauty salons, and clinical centers.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Delia Frank
Perfect helper against moles

In the last year, moles started coming out on my body. They stand very ugly in my opinion and I wanted to remove them. This product helped me a lot. I highly recommend it.

Linda Cooper
My model face is perfect

I have been working as a model for several years and my job requires perfect facial skin. Since I was a little girl, I had a lot of freckles on my face and I wanted to remove them. I'm scared to go to doctors because I've seen some pretty bad results and residual scarring. I found this product it made it a lot easier. No scarring, quick result and it's cheap.

Jay Townsend
No trace of the ugly tattoo

I have a tattoo on my back and over the years I have lost a lot of weight and now stand very ugly as my skin has sagged. I wanted to remove it but also not give hundreds of dollars for procedures. This device solved my problem. There is no sign of the tattoo. It is very easy to use and very light and comfortable to use.

Eileen James
Affordable price and great results

Magic Device. Very small and easy to use. I had a few moles on my face that I wanted to remove. Fast results at a very affordable price.

Darlene Phelps
I got rid of freckles all over my face

This product helped me get rid of the many freckles on my face. Extremely easy to use and the price is very good. After a few treatments I have no trace of freckles.

Picosecond Laser Pen
Red - $79.00
  • Red - $79.00
  • Blue - $79.00

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