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The Mellow Dog™️ - Calming Duck

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Makes lower, deeper quacking sound that dogs are naturally attracted to but extremely difficult to find

Whether or not your dog is already loving squeaking toys, your dog will love this quacking sound.

The attention grabbing quacking sound appeals to dogs' natural hunting instincts. Because their brain is wired to enjoy catching prey.

Thus keeping your dog engaged for hours and miraculously tire out your dog.

Chewable, durable*, tug-of-war-able

Made for chewers, tug of war lovers, dogs who love to play.

*Not indestructible because we do not want to break your dog's teeth.

Effortlessly Relieve boredom, excess energy, anxiety

Make your dog less lonely, more active and happier.

When your dog is bored, he can chew or play tug of war with you to relieve boredom.

It is a displacement behavior, a way to release excess energy or stress.

Stunning color your dog can actually see, plush enough to make your dog feel safe

Your dog will always bring it with him. Made from the color dogs can actually see.

The Calming Duck will be your dog's trusted sleeping companion.

It will bring unbelievably comfort and happiness to your dog.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Cheryl K.

My dogs get bored easy with their toys ... until I got them this one. They all LOVE this duck! My dogs always want to play with this. They like it so much that I ended up buying 7 more. The eyes are embroidered on so you dont have to worry about those coming off and being ingested. I do highly recommend this toy.

A P.

This is absolutely an emotional support duck for my dog. It calms her so so so much. She's just so relaxed when she has the duck by her side. Magical duck, this is!

Karen M.

My dog is obssessed with this duck! He brings this duck with him all the time. He grooms the duck, chews the duck, sleep and nap with the dog. I have bought 5 more so that I can replace it if it ever gets lost.


Its become my dogs favorite toy. She could rip this thing to shreds if she wanted, but she treats it like her baby. If you have a shredder heavy chewer, this wont stand a chance. The crunchy sound was a new one for my dog and seems to keep her interested more than other toys. She seems to love it and likes to boop the squeaker. Its very cute.


My dog brings this duck with him all the time. I'm so happy that he loves his duck. He will always bring it with him before he sleeps or naps. I'm here to get more as back ups and for my parents' dogs.

The Mellow Dog™️ - Calming Duck

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