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Orthopedic Shoes for Women

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Proven to Increase Comfort and Alleviate Pain

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Want to start feeling young again? Walk with the ultimate comfort and feel no pain. The best part about these sneakers is that women with either narrow or wide feet can enjoy precision fitting!

What makes ComfortWear different?

✓ Instant Pain Relief - Pain relief from Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy, Bunions, Arthritis, Ankle Pain, Flat Feet, Morton's Neuroma, Heels Spurs, Hammer Toes, and Swelling.

✓ Wide Toe-Box - This will alleviate pressure on bunions, hammertoes, and swelling.

✓ Premium Orthotic Insole - Anatomical arch support to re-align the foot and entire body posture.

✓ Stretchable Knit Fabric - Easily contour your feet to make them the perfect fit. The synthetic knit material gives it its lightweight and breathable feature.

✓ Slip Resistant Outsole - Slip-resistant traction outsole with water resistance. Perfect for workplaces with slippery floors: hospitals, janitorial work, and restaurants.

Ortho-Wear Premium Tech System: Our ergonomic cushioning sole reduces any impact that occurs after taking a step. Improves the ease of walking.

Every step is comfortable and smooth.

45-Day Wear Test - Money Back Guarantee!

Walk comfortably & pain-free or you receive your money back, guaranteed!

Test our items risk-free for up to 45 days and return them for a full refund if you are not totally satisfied.

See for yourself why ComfortWear is considered the USA's Most Comfortable Shoes. We stand by our products.

Fit: Runs small, order one size up to ensure the best fit.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Tania P.

I purchased these shoes because I have plantar fasciitis and every strep was agony, I was doing physio every day and up to 100miligrams of anti-inflammatory medication. It wasn't helping, I was walking like a little old lady at the end of every day. I walk a lot for my job, I run the mailroom were I work and its not uncommon for me to get 5000 steps before midday.

As usual with Plantar faucitis, it was worst in the morning and would settle for a short time after taking medication and as the day went on the pain would get worse. I saw these shoes and their claims and I was skeptical but by the time I brought them I was at the stage, where I was like what do you have to lose other then getting another pair of shows that doesn't do what it claimed and was a waste of money.

I was WRONG! Now I don't even have pain first thing in the morning and I am thinking about stopping medication all together. I will admit the first day was painful because these shows lifted my heels and forced the balls of my feet to take more weight (something they've not done properly for years because I had family inherited bunions, yes me feet are a train wreck) they also forced me to load the balls of my feet correctly, I was side loading, my feet rolling out. They forced my feet to the correct position.

It took a few days for me to get used to loading the balls of my feet more and that's when I really started to notice the lack of pain in my heel. Now I get to the end of the day and I am not in agony and wanting to sit down, I notice my legs are tired from how much I have walked in the day. You have no idea how Life changing it is to not yo feel like someone is driving a spike into my heel with every step, or the non stop throbbing when I sat at the end of the day. My doctor was talking about a cortisone injection, I don't need it now.

the springiness of the heels in these shoes are something I am still not used to and there are times when It feels like they are giving some energy return. I just purchased two of the Hiking version of these shoes in the hopes that the extra support will help my ankle which is feeling the effects of an old injury and reinjury. Having said that, the current ones will be walked to death before I give them up.

I have actually run fir a bus without pain, or regretting it hours later. These shoes are the MIRACLE I was desperate to find.

Taylor L

I’m glad I followed my gut and ordered these shoes, It’s well worth the money!
I have plantar fasciitis and working 12 hour shifts the pain was unbearable. Since I started wearing these, my 12 hour shifts are a breeze to get through now that I’m pain free.
I strongly recommend healthcare workers to order these shoes. You won’t be sorry!!!!

Charlotte B.

Before buying I always check customer reviews, the good, the bad and the ugly. Most often if there are more positive than negative, I'll give it a try. I AM SOOOOO glad I tried these! They are THE MOST comfortable tennis I have ever owned. I like Nike, but this has them beat by a LONGSHOT! No sooner than I slipped one on, I felt the comfort. I have a bone spur in my right heel and it is painful at times to walk, and I LOVE walking. I'd walk 2 hours a day or more sometimes until the spur became unbearable and my Podiatrist told me to stay off of it. I just got these yesterday and I walked as I normally do. No pain, no problems. One thing I have an issue with is having to order a larger size than I wear, because it bunches up at the top, but with a thicker sock, it's works. I love that it's adjustable as well. I purchased 2 pair and I am so happy I did.

Marzena O.

The most comfortables shoes I have ever had. I absolutely love them. The are light and they look great. I bought 2 pairs and now I will buy another pair for my friend.

Lana S.

I received my shoes this week and fell in love with them . I will only order these as long as they are available. I am a server in a restaurant and on my feet 50 hours per week. I have tried various brands of shoes from sketchers, shoes for crew and even ortho feet., Comfort wear has gained a new customer .I have no pain to my feet with this product and it also supports my problem with my sciatic nerve. I have a bunion on my right foot and these shoes are perfect for this as they stretch with my feet. I recommend this shoe with the highest rating. I will order again soon since the receiving is slightly lengthy, but it is well worth the wait.

Orthopedic Shoes for Women
Black Purple / US Women 5 - $59.00
  • Black Purple / US Women 5 - $59.00
  • Black Purple / US Women 6 - $59.00
  • Black Purple / US Women 6.5 - $59.00
  • Black Purple / US Women 7.5 - $59.00
  • Black Purple / US Women 8.5 - $59.00
  • Black Purple / US Women 9 - $59.00
  • Black Purple / US Women 10 - $59.00
  • Black Purple / US Women 11 - $59.00
  • Black / US Women 5 - $59.00
  • Black / US Women 6 - $59.00
  • Black / US Women 6.5 - $59.00
  • Black / US Women 7.5 - $59.00
  • Black / US Women 8.5 - $59.00
  • Black / US Women 9 - $59.00
  • Black / US Women 10 - $59.00
  • Black / US Women 11 - $59.00
  • Black Sky Blue / US Women 5 - $59.00
  • Black Sky Blue / US Women 6 - $59.00
  • Black Sky Blue / US Women 6.5 - $59.00
  • Black Sky Blue / US Women 7.5 - $59.00
  • Black Sky Blue / US Women 8.5 - $59.00
  • Black Sky Blue / US Women 9 - $59.00
  • Black Sky Blue / US Women 10 - $59.00
  • Black Sky Blue / US Women 11 - $59.00
  • Red / US Women 5 - $59.00
  • Red / US Women 6 - $59.00
  • Red / US Women 6.5 - $59.00
  • Red / US Women 7.5 - $59.00
  • Red / US Women 8.5 - $59.00
  • Red / US Women 9 - $59.00
  • Red / US Women 10 - $59.00
  • Red / US Women 11 - $59.00
  • White Blue / US Women 5 - $59.00
  • White Blue / US Women 6 - $59.00
  • White Blue / US Women 6.5 - $59.00
  • White Blue / US Women 7.5 - $59.00
  • White Blue / US Women 8.5 - $59.00
  • White Blue / US Women 9 - $59.00
  • White Blue / US Women 10 - $59.00
  • White Blue / US Women 11 - $59.00
  • Gray Pink / US Women 5 - $59.00
  • Gray Pink / US Women 6 - $59.00
  • Gray Pink / US Women 6.5 - $59.00
  • Gray Pink / US Women 7.5 - $59.00
  • Gray Pink / US Women 8.5 - $59.00
  • Gray Pink / US Women 9 - $59.00
  • Gray Pink / US Women 10 - $59.00
  • Gray Pink / US Women 11 - $59.00

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