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The Suga Pro (Round Dial) | Painless Blood Sugar Measurement & Laser Therapy Treatment

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Does It Really Work?

The Suga Pro (Round Dial) - More Than Perfect For Your Health

"Feels so much better immediately upon putting it on. Tighten it up and forget it. My health status in fully controlled in hand. Technology & knowledge from Psaud make a huge difference in my day and in my life."

James H. ✅Verified Buyer

Blood Sugar Monitoring Made Easier

For those who live with diabetes, constant monitoring of blood sugar levels is essential to maintaining good health. However, traditional methods of testing often involve painful finger pricks. How awful it is to feel like you can’t test it anymore because you’re in pain all the time.

Taking advantage of the technology, The Suga™ Pro uses non-invasive technology to measure blood sugar levels by shining a 650nm wavelength laser light from the bottom of the device into your skin to measure the amount of light that is reflected back. The reflection allows the watch to calculate your blood sugar levels using a special mathematical equation.

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Laser Treatment Physiotherapy

Laser Physiotherapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or cold laser therapy, is a non-invasive medical treatment that uses low-intensity laser light to stimulate healing and promote various biological processes in the body. It has gained recognition and popularity in the field of medical and rehabilitative care.

During laser therapy, a handheld device emits focused beams of light in the form of laser energy. The light energy penetrates the skin and reaches the targeted tissues and cells beneath. The laser light interacts with cells, triggering a series of biochemical reactions at the cellular level.

These reactions can have several beneficial effects on the body. Laser therapy is believed to increase cellular energy production, enhance blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote tissue repair and regeneration. It can also stimulate the release of certain substances, such as endorphins, which can help reduce pain and promote a sense of well-being.

It’s incredibly simple to use. You can finally get back to living again:

  • Recommended and endorsed by doctors.

  • No medicines. Helps you get back to living your fullest life.

  • Accelerated healing: Improve blood flow, metabolism, promotes tissue repair and regeneration.

Is the blood sugar level in the regular U.S meter reading?

Of course, it is! Infact you can switch from mmol/L to mg/dL very easy within the app. The app named HealthWear and you can download it by scanning QR code in your manual user.

We do have a short video of how to use this app. Please click this link to watch it!

Remote Family Health Care Feature is still available! (Buy More, Save More)

Blood Lipids Monitoring

Acid Uric Monitoring

Multiple Sport Modes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Maria P.
Best invention ever!

I am so happy to have the Suga Pro watch. I use it mostly for BP and BS check. Monitoring the sleep patterns is very useful. I had the Libre 3, which left holes on my arms. The accuracy on the Suga Pro is amazing. I manually check my BP and BS every day and the results are the same on the Sug Pro. Best investment ever for maintaining my health. On my next doctor’s visit I will show the results of my Suga Pro watch. Thanx for making it easy and comfortable.

James K.
It Works

Excellent watch and works therapy for diabetes. I used it for two weeks and now I average 85 ml/dl without a rigorous diet and not like before with prescription medications when my average was 125 ml/dl

Jan Marie M
I bought the Suga smart watch round face for my husband.

I bought this for my husband. It is everything they say it is and more. It’s very cool. Has more than an Apple smart watch. It’s quite amazing. Get one. You’ll love it! 🥰

Michael F

The watch seems to be well designed.

Bo G

Great watch once you figure out how to calibrate it and utilize all the functions.

The Suga Pro (Round Dial) | Painless Blood Sugar Measurement & Laser Therapy Treatment
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